expression of interest

expression of interest
expression of interest exˌpression of ˈinterest noun expressions of interest PLURALFORM [countable] COMMERCE
a formal statement by an organization, company, or investor, stating that they want to become involved in a particular project or do a particular job:

• BP have invited expressions of interest in a new program to reopen the oil fields.

• Several investor groups are considering submitting bids to acquire the company, and at least three have made expressions of interest.

— compare letter of intent

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expression of interest UK US noun [C] (plural expressions of interest) (ABBREVIATION EoI)
COMMERCE a statement by a company or investor of their intention to compete for an opportunity to do a job or become involved in a business: invite expressions of interest »

The Forestry Commission invites expressions of interest in forestry maintenance operations, as follows.

submit/make an expression of interest »

Two early front runners for acquiring the bank submitted an expression of interest.

Financial and business terms. 2012.

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